In Development

CBF currently has two feature films and a television series in development.

Feature films-

“Untitled Romantic Comedy”

This plumber by day and struggling writer and filmmaker at night loses his pregnant wife, his career, his home, his friends, and all his money just for trying to show his wife how much he loves her.

“The Best Laid Plans” 

In debt and down on his luck, Psychologist Bradley Simon tries to save himself by recruiting the help of five of his degenerate, court appointed, criminally minded patients who between them have an IQ in the single digits. This dark comedy with an ensemble cast, takes us on a time sensitive, life saving quest, that includes incompetency, deceit, self inflicted fatalities, drugs, an over protective mother, a frustrated priest, a bookie, two hit men that aren’t very good at their job, and a robbery just to make things interesting.



“The “A” Plate”

Taken from the premise of our feature film.