About Terre

Terre Weisman, Writer, Director, Producer, Creative Balance Films

With past pursuits in comedy and music, Terre finally found his passion in 1985 when he had an idea for a movie, bought a typewriter, the Syd Field book "Screenwriting" (One of the few at the time and still considered "The" book on screenwriting), and began what has now become his writing career. To date, Terre has written dozens of screenplays, spec and original sitcoms, two novels currently being published, directed six corporate videos, sat on the board of a local theater and performance group, hosted his own Comedy night in Southern NH, and under his Creative Balance Films banner, wrote, produced and directed, three original feature films. Terre has two boys and is living the dream with the love of his life, writing, producing, and directing all from their home in NH, traveling to NY and L.A., as needed.


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