The A Plate Movie

The-A-Plate“What really goes on behind closed doors at a car dealership?” Wouldn’t we all like to know? This romantic comedy script and feature film by Terre Weisman has us taking a very funny, yet, exaggerated look at the answer to that question. Using his 28 years experience as a CEO of a car dealership and starring Sam McMurray, Priscilla Barnes, Shane Jacobsen, and Julie Anne Emery, Terre takes us on a comical ride (sorry for the pun) of secrets, lies, and love. The sexual innuendos notwithstanding, the strong attraction of two young lovers is almost enough to change each other’s lives and the deceitful practice of others. Add the occasional wisdom and warmth of an aging grandfather with slight dementia and these two young lovers end up with what this comical journey brought them to… each other.

The-A-Plate-DVDTHE "A" PLATE”, has won “BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS” for Priscilla Barnes and “BEST EDITOR” for Ron Kalish at the 2011 Hoboken Film Festival, as well as the “INDIE SPIRIT AWARD” for Terre at the 2012 Boston International Film Festival.

The “A” Plate is now enjoying distribution through Osiris Entertainment and can be found on as well as other retail outlets.

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